Friday, March 2, 2007

eternal return

I am so tired right now I feel like a plane crash; limp dead laundry draped on innocent green fields... listening to Toots and the Maytals, "Pressure Drop"...

would I live it All over again? yes, now I would: every pang, every pain, every laceration, all desires, total joys, enlighten'd eyebeams, Loves, all nights of supreme tiredness, earning the right to be who I am...dissolution, completion...

Kali has been so good to me She must want me to blink my eyes and see Her...and I do. I do, in sunlight through trees, in black night sky so perfect a star is an ache, in all beauty and even pain...Shiva opening His eyes...

I belong to Her...seeds of karma left askance at the end of the universe...what will we be when we rise again after the end?


  1. Sophia9:39 PM

    This moment now is the eternal return... and then this next. And every blink and breath, every love and hurt, an offering. This moment is the dance, even when it feels like dancing on coals.

  2. thank you. you are my Teacher. :)

    no, really.