Friday, February 17, 2012

Working on My Coil Article

...and therefore not doing any blogging...

but this is beautiful and I had to share (maybe it's partly because I'm listening to Gorecki's Third Symphony now and sang bhajans this morning.... She is Here! in the sunlight! in the violins! in Dawn Upshaw's voice! in my breathing that sounds all 2001 through my headphones!)

(I keep thinking I should just post some cool inspirational quote every couple of days but that's so contrived and plus it's so much damn work...)

(but anyway--)

"Unspeakable is the variety of form and immeasurable the diversity of beauty, but in all is the seal of unity, inasmuch as all cometh from the womb of Nuit--to it returneth all....Knowing this, all is liberty; ignorant of this, all is bondage." --Aleister Crowley, The Law Is For All

(wish he hadn't been so enamored of 17th-century diction, but-- read it again!)