Friday, January 25, 2008

Beautiful Blog Post

From Patricia Bralley... "God is peering through right now... In this moment."

My Crackpot Theory of Everything

I don't have the whole thing yet, elaborated fully into all its geometrical, ethical, world-historical, metaphysical, and nutritional aspects...but I'm workin' on it. Not workin' all that hard, I'll admit, but...I think about it once in a while.

The Crackpot Theory of Everything seems to be a stage each of us must go through at some point, in some incarnation or other, as we walk the spiritual path. It's even part of certain systems, like the A.A. is part of the long slog towards the B.S., so to speak. I certainly haven't the slightest wish to be "the leader of a school of thought" and I must not be all that far towards my own mystical B.S. degree since I have no "proposals for [the Universe's] welfare and progress" seems to be progressing just fine on its own (this progress, in fact, which my CTE conflates with evolution and divine entelechy, is central to the forthcoming
Kalibhakta Explains Everything [Llewellyn Press, 2012]).

These musings are prompted by a skim of a summary of Yeats's
A Vision, the poet's CTE and considered by him his finest work, all those lake isles and rough beasts notwithstanding. Do you have to have hallucinations of grandeur to concoct a CTE? Well, get this, from the mouth of the bard: "I send you the introduction of a book which will, when finished, proclaim a new divinity." (Imagine how he'd brag if he'd just written Chess for Dummies!) Admittedly, Yeats is writing at a remove from himself; he cloaked A Vision within a frame tale in which a white male (of course) travels to The East (of course) to uncover a complex (of course) system of hidden (of course) knowledge. Kalibhakta (of course) is interested in it because a) it's weird and b) it involves Yeats's own theory of the Holy Guardian Angel--that Being of psychological or spiritual or archetypal origin Who hath appear'd in many guises throughout time, from Sumerian spirit guides to WiHW's dynamic co-star, Laura (artist's conception above).

I'm sure I can be more, er, scientifique than Yeats, right? I mean, it's 2008! Vive la pocket protector! You got your Supreme Architect of the Universe, Who reveals Herself in Her unfolding (creation + how we perceive/imagine it), becoming, for those who recognize Her, the Source of Love and Joy-- the very love and joy She uses to call us to consciousness of Her and awaken our inner light, thus mirroring on the micro scale the evolution of the entire species, Universe, Multiverse... each positron and "random" event actually a point in Her Mandelbrot Set of self-revelation... well, that's a little abstract, but... OK, how about this: everything you see around you manifests divine Intelligence and Will, but none of it makes sense until you put it together for yourself-- assemble the pieces into your personal catechism or CTE...
but you lose the game if you get too attached to your want the game you're playing with Deep Black to be an Evergreen.

So lemme see... the Goddess! Angels! The Grail! Eastern tantra! Western tantra! Isis! Eleusis! Chaos! Self-organization! Hypnagogia... paranomasia... elephantoplasty...! A dollop of Engelbreitian Splenda! A smattering of dark elegance!

That's the blurb-in-progress...