Friday, February 9, 2007

Brain scan 'can read your mind' -- BBC Story

Above is an artist's conception of possible results if my brain were scanned using the exciting new technology being developed at the Max Planck Institute for Human Cognitive and Brain Sciences. It really is interesting to think about interior voices of all kinds (parents, deities, news demons, teachers, beloved ones) and where they fit in relation to one's "own" inner voice. My hypothesis (thanks to sources suggested by Elissa) is that there is no "me," but rather a collection of voices that arise from learned patterns of language, innate survival responses, and social cues...and of course the Divine Mother, though I realize She isn't so scientific.

The old cliché was "You are a radio," though it should be updated to "You are an iPod," since we do have a lot of control over input and hard as it can be to take control, sometimes, for an obsessive man like I was walking around my neighborhood the other evening rotely repeating "I am a child of the Divine Mother and She has a plan for me, and it's better than anything I can imagine." I didn't believe most of this spell I was reciting, but it was better than putting my brain on shuffle and letting all the bad thoughts play.


  1. Sophia6:30 PM

    It would take 23.2 days just to hear everything on my iTunes once. Why can't I learn to stay in the moment of the one song instead of needing to know the whole order of play up front? I hate the song that's playing now... What should I be hearing in it? I know there's something...
    Take care.

  2. hey--I've been sitting here for 10 minutes trying to think of something smart to say, but the truth is that you and only you can know what's hid in the notes of this song...and you will. just knowing it's there gets you farther than you can imagine...
    you take care, too.