Saturday, August 6, 2005

Not to Sound All Fluffy-Bunny, But--

I'm drivin' down the street, blasting Bauhaus so loud the rearview mirror is wobbling, a certain point I'm washed all over with the magnificence of the Divine Mother, for one second I see All around me--the traffic lights that sway a little in the hot wind, the vacated lunatic asylum they're about to tear down, the seedy car detailing place, the sweaty guy knocking on the Walk sign button so he can cross the street--I see it All as one Flame of Love, an endless throbbing Kind Heart...

music is miraculous, always...pure Shakti, pure loving Power and endorphins...and I feel Kali's power in the shaking distortion of this music from so long ago, and I feel the truth of the ultimate secret of Al-Anon [stop reading, please]...the ultimate secret of tantra [you are not authorized to read any further--please close this browser window
now]...the final secret of the Illuminati...the OTO...of Julian of Norwich, St. John of the Cross, Mirabai: the final Secret: that I have everything I need. That I don't need anyone's love or approval. That all I need is my Kali. And my Angel.

Those of you who are my dear friends: I treasure your love, and I adore you. You bring holy light to my existence. But you, too--you, neither--need anyone, need no one--you
need only the God of your need only the Holy Guardian Angel of your True Self, your true will--which some of you Do so well, right Now.


  1. Love this scene. I've felt that Wholeness at both zenith and nadir. One time (during nadir) was after I'd seen the movie "The Burning Bed" when I was still being riddled with my own flashbacks, followed by an intense feeling of emptiness -- until that Divine comfort came through, and that was all I needed.

    Then there are the little peaks, and the big peaks, and those sudden ecstasies that just slide in and grab hold....

  2. I keep meaning to post on the nadirs (ones without a sense of wholeness, alas)...I'm writing that one in my head and almost see it as a bookend to this one...we'll see.

    thanks for reading--