Wednesday, August 24, 2005

I'm Still Alive--but

Going back to work after that last vacation has been a "unique challenge," as upper-management types like to say.

I am writing what I flatter myself is a pretty good post-- in my head--I promise. Und I vill rezpond to grigorss...

Angel tidbit: L. finds it hilarious that I know the difference between Walter Egan and Joe Egan, two relatively minor 1970s pop music figures. Why is that funny, though??


  1. Grigorss10:58 PM

    It's funny because Walter Egan's first name has two syllables, while Joe Egan's has only one!

    HAHAHAHA! ! !

  2. So this is what blog spam looks like....

    I've seen some blogs where a poster is required to type verification letters to prove we're human beings. That's fine by me. I haven't received any spam comments yet but might check it out myself, just in case.

    Upper management knows where it can put its euphemisms. Welcome back and good luck.

  3. PS: Found the word verification option. Go to Settings, then to Comments, and scroll down. It's under "Show word verifiation for comments?"

  4. yeeeeeah, I know this was a rather random post, there, Grigorss. If you think about it from a Joseph Campbell perspective, though, Walter Egan sang "Magnet and Steel," while Joe Egan was in Stealers Wheel--and that rhymes. and so I'm stuck in the middle with you--