Sunday, August 28, 2005

A Little Slice of Reality

Listening to: Little Feat, Dixie Chicken
Drinking: Sumatra Gayo/Ethiopia Moka Harrar (iced)
Other browser windows: Google Image Search for "Enheduanna"; blogdex
Wearing: bathrobe
Shirking: party thrown by co-workers
Worried about: Francis Coppola flagging WiHW when and if my post on Apocalypse Now ever comes up
Hopeful about: maybe seeing my guru in December and maybe also going to New Orleans in December if it's still there
Desirous of: more time to blog, dammit! it's like I can't even think anymore--this "work" thing has got to go! but--
Guiltily proud of: being told "you'd make a good Nazi" by a co-worker when I expressed an utter lack of sympathy for another c0-worker's self-created "misfortunes"...


  1. I've shirked some of those parties, myself. Good for you for setting limits on the self-sabotaging coworker, and good luck with all the juggling.

  2. grigorss11:06 PM

    "going to New Orleans in December . . ."

    Boy, I'm hoping you got a time machine, 'cause they ain't no Nawlins left to go to this December!