Thursday, June 3, 2010

Daily Grail: "Her Sweet Murmur"

Straight from the pages of Darklore Volume 1 comes this fascinating, example-filled exploration of "the sounds heard by experiencers" of paranormal phenomena such as near-death experiences, ayahuasca trips, astral projection, visionary trances, Marian apparitions, kundalini awakenings, UFO sightings, and more. The author doesn't mention the HGA experience or directly mention the opening of the heart chakra, but some Beloved Readers will no doubt connect the dots between the bells and music the article describes and the "unstruck sound" that often accompanies heart-chakra experiences.

And speaking of angels, Daily Grail did see fit to tag the article with an image of an angelic embrace on their main page.

I wish all weirdo writing was this detailed and analytical.

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