Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Jewcy: Why Ramakrishna Matters

Dude... awesomeness!!!!

Wonderful overview/judeo-view of one of the founders of my spiritual tradition (though he was chronologically last, I always think of him as first among equals with Ramprasad Sen and Krishnananda Agamavagisa)...

any time I spend ranting about what a great article this is would be time taken from reading it...


  1. What is with Blogger and fonts these days?????????????????

    It takes about 10 tries and I often still can't get it to display in the font I select...

    What's that?

    "Surrender...dwell in the lap of the Divine Mother..."

    Oh, #&^#&#%.

  2. hmmm... ironically, the problem seems to arise from creating posts within Chrome...

    OK, I'll stop commenting on my own blog now.