Monday, December 29, 2008

British Atheist Prescribes Christianity for Africans

It sounds incredibly condescending, perhaps, and you'd expect the guy to get--I can't help it!!! --crucified by his fellow atheists and the PC crowd alike. Still, Matthew Parris makes a good case, and any jingoist Hindus or Thelemites reading his editorial can replace "Christianity" with "bhakti" and the argument still holds. Indeed, when he describes the "direct, personal, two-way link between the individual and God...smash[ing] through" any socio-political "framework," however oppressive or omnipresent, you'd think he was describing the very K&C of the HGA...

The obligatory Kalibhakta disclaimer: I'm not an expert on Malawi or any other part of Africa, or Africa as a whole. I can't speak to Parris's argument from that standpoint. But, he's a valuable witness to the fact that spiritual practice changes people for the better, helps them to evolve into better selves who are better in tune with the world. This miraculous fact is easy for me to forget, and it's easy to forget to be grateful to Kali for pushing me to evolve, and so I thank Her for sending me reminders, especially in the deliciously unlikely form of a Times op-ed vaunting evangelism.

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