Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Let Them Eat Cake

" A leading Norwegian newspaper called on Princess Martha Louise to renounce her royal title Monday after she said she communicates with angels." ("Norwegian Paper Calls for Princess to Step Down Over Communication With Angels")

I mean, really...there are so many worse people and entities one could communicate with (many of them assiduously covered on, source of the above news story)...


  1. I have to agree -- every day, people communicate with President Bush (or at least attempt to, I suppose); yet no one asks them to resign...

  2. apparently, death, suffering, and chaos on a monumental scale are OK, as long as one does not invoke the wrong supernatural authorization (Norway was in the Coalition until late 2005).

    I know Heinlein is annoying, etc., but I keep thinking of Valentine Michael Smith's epiphany: "Now I understand human beings!"