Saturday, June 11, 2005

Possible Blog Names

The Aerial Letter; *Sweet*Black*Hot; Wrapt In Her Wings; The Gaze of Orpheus; Take a Chance You Stupid Ho; Proud Music of the Storm; Sonny’s Burning; z² + c; Riding with Mary; I Shot Myself; Fenriskjeften; Dream Incubator; Reel Around the Fountain; Tantra and the Art of Webpage Maintenance; From High Mountains; Perfume in the Desert; Symbiotic Planet; Planet of Sound; Nation Nation; Rumours; Gelassenheit; Anaktoron; A Different Kind of Tension; Lightning in Skies Aflame; B for Blog!; Dig Me Out; Rose Absolute; Sous les Pavés; Sous la Langue; Solucinations; Circles; Circles Within Circles; Original Sin; Ngawa; She Stood There In My Doorway, Six Feet of Gold Lamé and Lies; Variations on a Theme of Frank Bridge; Lois Wilson Fan Club; Enochian Slambook; Fur Teacup; New Lace Sleeves; Walking Into Spiderwebs; Dog Star Man.

1 comment:

  1. Anonymous10:19 AM

    I got the pun.
    Predictably, I also would've liked these:
    Riding with Mary
    Original Sin
    Walking Into Spiderwebs