Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Bad Things

Here are some nasty habits I want to avoid in Wrapt In Her Wings:

  • Overuse of the word "because" if I can unspool the complete chain of causation behind an event.
  • Even worse, uncritical use of the "is" of identity--as if that little verb really means something. I was ranting to my friend Sophia the other day that all metaphysical writing should take place without use of the verb "to be"..."is" imparts to terrorists (cognitive and other kinds) the intoxicating illusion that their frame of reference "is" the only valid one. That's the way things are. They just--are that way. I don't know, they just are.
  • On the other hand, I want to flee the demons of Perfectionism, so I will not be writing every post in E-prime.
  • Spouting opinion rather than analyzing experience.
  • Expecting every post to be brilliant
  • and therefore not writing.
  • Expecting anything.

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