Thursday, April 29, 2010

A Classic Post from Martha Beck

I love this: "Easter in the Year of the Dog."

I have been practicing gratitude lately, just while driving to work, singing the Gayatri mantra to Kali as I send Her love and thanks from my heart... it's easy to let myself get into those toxic spaces where "they" are a bunch of idiots conspiring to ruin "my" life, where I'm not getting what I want because not everyone groks the like, totally perfect wisdom of my every wish, and from there it's easy for me to get resentful, fearful, falling down the sinkhole of doom as "my" dystopian future, in my imagination, enfolds me like a shroud...

but it's not about me, or them, or the future... it's Her, now, always.

Also: Martha gets down with early hominids.

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