Thursday, January 14, 2010

Girl Groups and the Apocalypse

Just came across this interview with David Tibet of Current 93, one of my artistic heroes... it's a good one, containing, among other things, the astonishing fact that there are people who never figured out that he's a Christian [!!!!!], the story behind the making of Black Ships Ate the Sky [my least favorite C93 album, but I need to give it another listen], and Tibet's rather low opinion of finnegans wake and Ulysses... and this marvelous take on 1960s girl groups (shout out to Sophia! ♥):

Pitchfork: Finally, I have a question a friend of mine supplied. Someone at her college had a radio show called “Songs of the Apocalypse”, and she was curious what would be on your show, if you put together something called “Songs of the Apocalypse”.

DT: Funny, instead of the obvious choices, the song that immediately comes to mind is "Be My Baby" by the Ronettes; that and “Remember (Walking in the Sand)” by the Shangri La's. I love girl groups-- I particularly love Ronnie Spector-- and the idea of apocalypse, the original Greek word meaning, “unveiling,” is where everything is revealed. Now, of course, it has the sense of Armageddon and total destruction, but I still look at it as a total unveiling, the taking off of all masks, and the return, perhaps after the Armageddon, to that state of pristine purity and innocence and love, which is the natural human condition.

When I listen to "Be My Baby" I hear such yearnings and such love and such beauty-- that absolutely simple, uncynical love that can and should exist between people-- it makes me think of everything [being] stripped away. It's an absolutely naked, heartbreaking plea for love.

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