Saturday, August 15, 2009

If Atheists/Skeptics Were Rock Stars

Jerry Coyne: Dire Straits
Good even when he misses the mark. Craft matters.

Richard Dawkins: U2
Life will be splendid if we all follow my simple plan. La la la la la laaaaaaaaa.

Daniel Dennett: The Rolling Stones, 2009
If he can't rock you, someone else will.

Sam Harris: Elvis Costello
The thinking man's atheist. Nuance never goes out of style.

Christopher Hitchens: The Rolling Stones, 1969
Others write about it; he's lived it. Lots of it. Eclectic, electric, elemental.

Penn Jillette: Billy Joel
You may not know what I mean when I say "piano." A "piano" is a large musical instument containing many strings, which, when the corresponding keys are pressed, are struck by small wooden hammers....

Hemant Mehta: Jonathan Richman
Is he supposed to be enjoying himself this much?

P. Z. Myers: The Ramones
To some: loud, crude, repetitious. To others: sophisticated, allusive, one hell of a lot of fun.

Michael Shermer: King Crimson
High-concept but rockin'; serious yet entertaining. Doesn't care whether you buy the T-shirt.

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