Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Why Sophia Is My Shero

Because at 2:00 in the morning, when there's sewage backing up into our house so fast it's outpacing an eight-gallon Shop-Vac and I'm swearing like Harlan Ellison uncovering a copyright violation, she can think of reasons to be grateful.

* * *
Guru, since you say that gratitude is the most beautiful thing on earth, what is the effect of gratitude on man and God?

Sri Chinmoy: When an individual offers gratitude to God, immediately his receptivity increases. His vessel becomes large. Then God is able to pour more of His Blessings into the person or enter more fully into that vessel with His own divine Existence. God is infinite, but only according to our receptivity can He enter into us. God is like sunlight. If I leave this window open, sunlight will come in here. If I keep all the other windows closed, it cannot come in there. The more we offer gratitude, the more we increase our receptivity and capacity. The more windows we open, the more God enters into us with Light, abundant Light, infinite Light. When we offer gratitude, immediately God's Light comes pouring into our being.

from A Galaxy of Beauty's Stars

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