Wednesday, May 9, 2007

My Compass and Square

I just now thought of this: miraculously, I only bought two books while in France (if you don't count the pamphlet on the Lady and the Unicorn tapestries)...and it wasn't for lack of visiting bookstores (tho I forced myself to walk past the Brentano's on Avenue de L'Opéra)...

I didn't notice the significance before, but I bought
Le Dictionnaire Erotique and Les Anges: Messagers Divins. That about sums it up--the two sides of the Möbius strip of creation, the lemniscate my Kali has wrapped round me... but they aren't opposite sides, and there's not even two of them, for the strip has only One side...

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  1. grigorss11:33 PM

    Now if you made a collage of those two books (Burroughs-style?), then you'd really have something there!