Thursday, November 9, 2006

The Papyrus of Kalibhakta, Part Two

[…at this point I’m going to quote from my journal:]

I walk slowly to Her, in trance, in awe. I reach Her and I kneel.

“What do you desire?” Isis asks.

“The love of the Divine Mother in my heart.”

“Do you see it there?”

“I see glimmers.”

“Close your eyes and see the flicker of that candle’s flame on your eyelids. It leaps and it falls, but at its core resides eternal, pure flame. At your core you are one with All; you are the God, you are the Goddess. There is no separation; all is One, as the flame of this candle. You are beautiful, Kalibhakta. You are loved.”

I felt my heart chakra expanding, pierced, as Isis said this. I felt surging energy within me. At Her bidding I arose and floated out the door that opened for me, leading outside. I thought of the flames: the flickering candle in the inner room, the tiki torch, the small hibachi fire people were gathered around outside, the feathery flames of the Mandelbrot Set I’d been exploring this morning, early, the gas log flame that was going then—all the flames in which Divine Light has flickered, going back to the sheaf of wheat at Eleusis and back to the Big Bang…She is fire, I am a tongue in the flames.


  1. I love this. Wonderful ritual of the sacred in everyday life. I was thinking: "Of course it would be Thoth whose cell phone rang! What other Egyptian god rules over communication suchly?" And "ritual-crit" reminded me of all the Midrash in the Talmud: a long tradition of crit.

    Oneness. Yes. There's a prayer in Judaism called the Sh'ma ("Listen"), which addresses Yichud ("Oneness"). Mind you, I'm not observant, but I've integrated that bit from my "religious home town" into my own eclectic spirituality.

  2. oh, my Goddesss--I didn't even think of that--Thoth would be the one whose phone rang...bless you, my childe...

    for ye have made a sacred experience even sacreder... :)