Saturday, December 10, 2005

Me Time

My kitties didn't seem down with me gettin' up bright and early yesterday and slappin' on A Tribute to Jack Johnson, nice and loud...

tough! I'm the human! I'm in charge! Get used to it!

(Note: You wanna hear you some wild electric guitar playin', you get you a copy of A Tribute to Jack Johnson. That's that John McLaughlin ...that Mahavishnu Orchestra guy...that's some wacked-out shit. He sounds like Shiva, high as Kailash and wailing with eight arms...blanging that guitar with a flaming dagger...cobra glissandos...)

Shockingly, I'm skipping out on my Al-Anon meeting and the planned shopping trip afterwards, ironically in a very Al-Anon-inspired quest for Me Time. It turned out not to be my True Will to go to the meeting...was my TW instead to get up, surf the net for a while, go back to bed, get up again, put on A Tribute to Jack Johnson, and blog about listening to same yesterday and goofing off today.

Later I'll return the tragically defective DVD about the occult roots of Naziism and look--probably fruitlessly here in East Podunk--for a copy of that modernist music classic Le Marteau Sans Maitre, which it finally dawned on me the other day was the inspiration for much of Eric Dolphy's album Out to Lunch. I may eat at the awesome pancake place or just grab a croissant or brownie somewhere. I may go for a walk or I may not. I'll probably call grigorss. I'll probably try to find some Solstice wrapping paper for Sophia's goth calendar. :)

I will try to walk through this day like John McLaughlin walkin' up and down those frets--little rhyme, some nonlinear reason, some contrary beats, and much counter-harmonic beauty.


  1. 'Tis the season -- with all the commercialism and "to do" jangling -- to take a healthy sidestep for "goofing off."

    As for humans being in charge of cats: that's what they'd like you to believe, as they work that silly primate delusion to their advantage....

  2. yeah! e_j! you got it...

    it's "to do" that I'm trying to exterminate.

    those cats--I really do believe I have them outsmarted...this time...