Friday, October 7, 2005

The BBC Would Like to Apologise--

if the post of 9/22 implied that one should consciously seek or work toward the K&C of the HGA.
(me, before Al Anon -->)

I personally think such goal-directed spirituality is a dicey proposition at best. Magickal orders and mystical schools abound which promise a reliable ladder to the HGA and much more--and it's even possible that some members of such groups are fully honest, selfless, and genuinely accomplished. It may even be possible that one or two people get somewhere under their guidance.

As the above photo and its ineptly placed caption imply, I myself am a member of a magickal order, albeit one devoted to the independent reprogramming of one's mind and self, leaving one's mythos and True Will entirely up to--one. And no one else. (As I sit here listening, coincidentally, to "Stairway to Heaven"...nearly 30 years and I'm still into these Brit-blues-faerie-junk-rockers...I asked a guy I work with and he assured me this musical retro-loyalty was in no way pathetic.)

Bhakti (loving devotion to your chosen deity) is the
one path that offers 100% reliable, danger-free results. It can take you as high as you want to go, and higher than you can imagine possible. Never surrender your bliss to the illusion of achieving someone else's, and never surrender your soul to those who claim they know better what to do with it.


  1. Nodding emphatically at that last line. It's why I called myself an atheist at a time when I was really practicing my own spirituality; who knew? (Certainly not my teenaged self.)

    My musical retro-loyalty is toward the Moody Blues -- their circa '70s repertoire.

    That's a nice shot of you. Thanks for the glimpse.

  2. well, it's not really's my alter ego, the maniacal control freak and paranoid wacko (and better looking) Larry least that's how he portrays himself on his semi-autobiographical tv show (Curb Your Enthusiasm).

    but--there but for the grace of Kali go I! (went I!)

  3. Chuckling -- told you I live in a cave.... (Though I come out to photograph the dragonflies.)

  4. Grigorss12:23 AM

    After seeing that photo posted on your site, I can only say one thing.

    Chi-ya. CHI-YA!