Saturday, September 17, 2005

Goofy Sidekick Promotion

The other day, a person at work said that I bring a "Kramer" energy to the place. A couple of others vociferously agreed.

Kramer? I never saw myself that way. To me I seem much more Tom Arnold.

But Kramer I'll take. He dresses better.


  1. grigorss5:09 PM

    In the movie of your life, you will be played by Phillip Seymour Hoffman -- I'm thinking the Lester Bangs' Hoffman, a la' "Almost Famous"; as oposed to the more faggy approach in "Boogie Nights" or the upcoming "Capote".

  2. well--thanks--I--think.

  3. grigorss3:20 PM

    It's as close to a compliment as I give . . .

  4. Okay -- I've heard of Kramer and I finally saw "Boogie Nights" some months ago, but I have definitely been living in a cave....

  5. ...but the Lester Bangs thing is a compliment. Lester Bangs? You mean--GOD???!!